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Coaching youth baseball can be a fun and rewarding experience. But it can be a bit intimidating at the same time and especially for new coaches. We want to help!

We have listened and will continue to seek feedback on the challenges and provide our coaches with the support needed to make this a rewarding experience for all.

2019 Timeline

    • GMBA is looking after all diamond bookings.
    • Contact the convenor of your division to secure your night and diamond.
  • Register as a House League Coach with GMBA:
    • From the GMBA Home Page select “Register
    • Sign in or create an account
    • Select “Participant” / “Coach/Staff”
  • Complete Police Check when available to do so.
  • Complete further learning as desired.
  • GMBA will advise you of the kids on your team and provide contact info.
    • This will happen in April by your convenor.
  • Minor and Major Mosquito player evaluations.
    • Sunday, April 14, 10:00 - 11:00am at Marden Fieldhouse
    • Tuesday, April 16, 8:00 - 9:00pm at Marden Fieldhouse
  • Uniform pickup. (April)
    • Done in April and you will be notified of date and time options.
  • Coaches meeting with GMBA and equipment bag pickup.
    • Saturday, April 27 (Time TBA)
  • Coaches Training night at Peak Performance Hithouse.
    • Late May 2, 7:00 - 8:30pm.
  • Practise nights. GMBA will assist with booking and assigning diamonds.
    • This is new in 2019 to make things easier on our coaches.
    • No need to book School Board diamonds, we are doing it for you.
  • City diamonds open April 30 and School Board diamonds after the May long weekend.
  • June 7 - 9 Bantam and Midget mid-season tournament.
  • June 14 - 16 Minor and Major PeeWee mid-season tournament.
  • Sunday, May 26 Photo Day at Exhibition Arena. Times TBA
  • Saturady, June 15 Home Run for Hospice 10:00am - 5:00pm at Larry Pearson.
  • Closing tournaments Aug 2-4 or Aug 9-11 depending on which division.
  • Complete player evaluations and submit to your convenor.
  • Equipment return to GMBA.

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Coaching Philosophy

GMBA Motto: “Good Sports Today - Great Citizens Tomorrow”

You Are A Role Model

It doesn't matter if you're coaching tee ball or coaching at the Rep level, you're probably the most important role model that your players have during the season. Players are going to look to you not only for guidance and instruction, but they will be watching and listening to how you react to every situation. Believe it or not but a coach can be one of the most influential people in a young players life. Many players and former players attribute a large portion of their success in life to the things they learned on the baseball field and from a few great coaches. We're not talking about fielding ground balls, or how to hit; we're talking about teamwork, perseverance, work ethic, having a positive attitude, to just name a few. Skills that not only helped them on the baseball field but helped them in life.

Often coaches think only of the present year; how am I going to develop the players to have a successful season. We'll get into a definition of successful in a bit, but the point here is often coaches don't realize the influence they have on their players. Coaches can help instill a love for the game that can last a lifetime. Good coaches can keep players interested in continuing to participate from year to year.

As a coach you have to decide how you want to be seen by your players and the parents of your players. What type of example do you want to provide? I hope everyone takes the responsibility of coaching very seriously. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to be a successful coach. The following paragraphs discuss some important issues that you should consider incorporating into your coaching philosophy.

“Coaches: We create the atmosphere, we create the culture. Our attitudes are contagious and determine the energy level of those around us. Our morals are seen in our approach, in what we allow and the choices we make. When drama surrounds our team, we must look at US before we look at them.”

Have Fun

Fun is essential for kids of all ages. Develop practices that let them do the things they enjoy. It's also important for you to have fun. Create an environment that is structured and varied enough for you to enjoy what your doing. If you're having fun, chances are your players will be having fun also.

Be Positive

Players need a patient, supportive coach that can teach and motivate in a positive way. Knowing how to be positive and having the ability to communicate with your players is more important to a successful season than knowing many aspects of the game.

Attitude And Effort

Coaches that believe winning is everything have only one direction to take the team... and that is towards disappointment. Everyone wants to win, but when the main goal is winning a really good season can be lost. If on the other hand, you put emphasis on attitude and effort a successful season can be had without a league championship. Winning games will take care of themselves if you prepare the team to play hard and always give their best effort.

Youth Coaching Advise

Don’t make the mistake of emphasizing results instead of effort. We’ve seen and heard coaches who try to motivate players by offering rewards. This could be money or candy for getting a hit or getting on base. This focus on results puts additional pressure on the player to perform. This can be especially difficult for the less skilled player. A father once told me that his son’s coach offered a candy bar for each hit during the season. His son started to get nervous the night before each game and it got worse as the season went on. The father talked to his son and found out that he felt like he was letting his team down because he hadn’t got a hit and was the only kid on the team to not get a candy bar. He talked to the coach and they eliminated the reward. Without the pressure of trying to achieve a results based reward, his son was able to relax and got a number of hits over the last few games.

Player: “Do you know what my favorite part of the game is?
Answer: The opportunity to play.”

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NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program)

Becoming a registered coach and attending instructional courses is encouraged and the costs are fully covered by GMBA for those interested. To get started go to Baseball Canada Coaches and look for the “Register” link on the left. Once you are a registered member several coaching resources are available.

Once you have registered and logged in, look for the “Clinics” tab to open up a list of clinics taking place in Ontario in 2019. These often fill up fast. The “Tools” tab is also a great resource with a drill library, Team Season Planner, Practise Planner and other links.

Tips and suggestions for running a practise

  • Practise plans (coming soon)

Game day coaches responsibilities

  • Create a batting lineup.
  • Planning player positions through the game.
  • My suggestion is that coaches have a email distribution list for your team and provide timely communications to your parents. The game schedule is on the GMBA website and parents can easily reference this. Ensure everyone knows the practise day and time and ask parents for feedback on attendance for both practises and games. This helps greatly for pre-planning.
  • Reference the playing rules for your division. Be familiar with players being required to play both infield and outfield positions within the first 4 innings.

Other helpful coaching resources and link

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Police Checks

All Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches will need a current Police Check submitted prior to your first coaching event with your team.

  • If you reside within Guelph City limits this must be done with the Guelph Police
  • It’s an online process and coaches doing this will need our authorization number to be able to complete is for free.
  • If you completed a PRC last year then you only need to complete a declaration this year.
  • If you completed a PRC in 2017 and signed a declaration last year then you again only require a PRC.
  • If you live outside of Guelph city limits you’ll need a PRC completed through the OPP. We have an agreement to complete these internally so we will be setting up GMBA office dates to complete these. Such as the coaches meeting on April 27. (Still need to confirm this is available)

Any further question can be sent to Risk Management at

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As stated above, coaching youth baseball can be a fun and rewarding experience! It can be a significant time commitment but for anyone considering this please know that many resources are available to provide assistance with getting started. Everyone has different backgrounds in life and sports, and maybe baseball in particular; some coaches have played at competitive levels and some haven’t, it’s not a requirement. The important part is providing a safe and fun environment for our youth to experience fair-play, sportsmanship and learn some baseball skills playing this great game. If they have fun and enjoy playing baseball it can be a activity they enjoy for a lifetime!

If you are interested but want more information or to discuss further please send me an email or give me a call!


Koko Gillis
House League Co-Chair
Cell: 647-962-0935


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