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Police Record Check


That all persons over the age of 18, involved with Guelph Minor Baseball Association (GMBA), in an elected or appointed position of the Board and/or coaching or managing capacity of any team, receive a Police Vulnerable Sector Check.


  1. GMBA will provide volunteers with the necessary directions, authorization numbers and/or documents required to obtain a police check free of charge from the appropriate police department. Any fees incurred as a result of failing to adhere to the directions or failure to request such documentation shall be the responsibility of the applicant.
  2. Each person involved in an elected or appointed position of the Board and/or in a convening, coaching, official first aider or managing capacity of any travel team (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Select) and/or in a coaching capacity of a houseleague team (excluding at Rally Cap) and/or umpires over the age of 18 must obtain and submit a copy of a Vulnerable Sector police check as soon as possible after being initially appointed.
  3. All volunteers as listed in point 2 must obtain and submit a police check every four years after the initial police check was obtained and submitted upon appointment to that position. From that year of the original police check, a person can sign three consecutive years of declaration waivers from GMBA. If a year is missed with no waiver signed, then a new Vulnerable Sector check must be completed.
  4. GMBA reserves the right to request a new police record check at any point in time as deemed necessary.
  5. GMBA will accept a signed GMBA declaration waiver for any persons who have had a Vulnerable Sector record check completed with another organization as long as the police check was obtained within the previous 12 months and they provide a copy of said report. From the year of the original police check, a person can sign up to three GMBA declaration waivers. If a year is missed with no waiver signed, then a new Vulnerable Sector check must be completed. GMBA reserves the right to validate any document from another organization.
  6. Police record checks must be submitted by each person as listed in point 2 by the deadlines specified. The deadline for requesting a police check for all rep (Tier 1 and Tier 2) and select coaches/managers/first aiders is December 31. All rep coaches/managers/first aiders must submit a completed check by April 1. Houseleague coaches (excluding Rally Cap) must be requested prior to their first game of the season. Failure to adhere to these deadlines may result in suspension until the requirements are met.
  7. All police checks obtained from those listed in point 2 must be submitted to the GMBA Risk Management Committee (risk@gmba.ca) who will confidentially receive all the record checks. All police checks collected by the Risk Management Committee will be consolidated and maintained by GMBA and stored in a secure place, respecting the privacy of each individual. Only those whose police check contains such information which may have potential harm to the membership or the organization will be disclosed to the President and subsequently to the Board if deemed necessary. Appeals regarding coaching eligibility can be made to the GMBA Grievance Committee whose decision will be final.
  8. The submission of false information, either whole or in part, may be grounds for immediate termination from any appointed position within GMBA.

Any further question can be sent to Risk Management at risk@gmba.ca

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Injury Report

Accidents happen, even in baseball.  We ask that any incident involving a player, coach or umpire where medical attention is required be reported within 30 days of the incident as you may be eligible to receive benefits through our insurance program.  Please complete the injury report and submit it to risk@gmba.ca.

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Insurance Certificates

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One in every five Canadians under the age of 18 has suffered a concussion while playing in youth sports.  While the incidence is relatively low in baseball compared to other sports, it is still important to take them seriously as they are a form of brain injury and can lead to problems with concentration, memory, balance and co-ordination.  The following documents will help players, parents and coaches understand what a concussion is, how to screen for a concussion at the diamond and how to safely return to play.

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